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High Power RF Components: Broadband passive components, Distributive Antenna Systems

Leader supplier of high power, broadband passive RF components, RF Directional Couplers, RF Combiners & RF Dividers.

Werlatone High Power RF Devices

Founded in 1965, Werlatone®, Inc. is a leading supplier of high power, broadband passive RF components.
Source of information about a wide range of military, commercial, and industrial technology.
Discover how these new products are decades ahead of the competition and can help you succeed in your field.

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Uni-Directional Couplers

Directional Couplers

· 3-Port UNI-Directional Coupler
· 4-Port BI-Directional Coupler
· 4-Port DUAL Directional Coupler

Werlatone® Broadband Dual, Uni, and Bi Directional RF Couplers are designed to tolerate the most stringent operating conditions associated with military and EMC testing environments. Many of our RF Directional Couplers, designated Mismatch Tolerant®, will operate continuously, at rated power, into an Infinite VSWR.

We provide two types of directional couplers connectivity:
Connectorized Directional Coupler
Non-Connectorized Directional Coupler

4 Way Combiner Divider


With extensive experience as a supplier to military platforms worldwide, Werlatone® designs its High Power Broadband Combiners, Power Dividers, and N-Way Combiners for duty in the most stringent operating conditions.

    Things to consider when specifying Your Combiner:
  • Isolating Termination Dissipation
  • Isolation vs Output Termination VSWR
    For a Combining Hybrid
  • Loss vs Phase Unbalance
  • Loss vs Amplitude Unbalance

Absortive Low Pass

Absorptive Filters
/ Low Pass

Werlatone has a wide variety of standard and custom options that allow you to innovate. Our low and high pass filters eliminate instability, excess in-band ripples, and false triggers of power-detector circuitry because of reflected harmonics. Our filters also eliminate the risk of damage to your power amplifiers because of high-power energies outside your band. Customize your filter specifications so we can build the absorptive filter to perfectly suit your needs.

90° Hybrid Couplers

Werlatone’s breakthrough technology allows us to build on our existing line of Broadband 3 dB High Power 90 Degree Hybrid Couplers. Connectorized 3 dB 90 Degree Hybrid RF Coupler models are available with a choice of standard connectors. Several of our existing High Power 3 dB 90 Degree Hybrid RF Couplers are three port designs, wherein the difference port is internally terminated with a high power termination. If you need a 90° Hybrids / Surface Mount (SMT) & Drop are also available.

Click here for more information about Werlatone’s patented 3 dB 90 Degree Hybrid Couplers

180° Hybrid Couplers

Werlatone’s standard line of High Power 180 Degree RF Hybrid Combiners / Dividers covers multiple octaves within a microwave device. Low frequency 180 degree Hybrid Combiner / Dividers employ proprietary ferrite transmission line techniques, similar to our 0 Degree Combiners / Dividers. Insertion loss in both sum and difference ports is minimal, allowing the hybrid to handle high power over its frequency range. 180 Degree Hybrid Couplers available in Connectorized and Surface Mount (SMT) & Drop-In

Custom requirements, please email us specifications for the high power combiner you desire.

Distributive Antenna Systems (DAS)

Werlatone’s Multi-Carrier Broadband Power Combiners & Power Splitters allow you to run one run of 50 ohm cable, simultaneously carrying multiple service bands, without the requirement of separating the bands from one another.

Even Non-Isolated Splitters - For broadband Combining / Dividing applications, where port-to-port isolation is not required, Werlatone provides Bi-Directional designs.

Even ISOLATED Splitters - For broadband Combining / Dividing applications where port-to-port isolation is required, Werlatone provides 2-Way, 4-Way, and N-Way Combiners / Splitters.

Non-Isolated UNEVEN Splitters (Taps) - Utilized to un-evenly split a single run of 50 coaxial cable, hosting multiple frequency bands, so that a shorter corridor, tunnel, shaft, or hallway is provided a lesser proportion of the power on the main coaxial run than that required by a longer run.

Uni-Directional Couplers - A 3-Port Uni-Directional Coupler consists of a main line and a coupled line.

Dual Directional Couplers - A 4-Port Dual Directional Coupler employs two, 3-Port Uni-Directional Couplers internally connected, in tandem, providing measurement of both forward and reverse power.

Digital Power Meters

True RMS In-Line Power Meters
Instantaneous and Simultaneous Local or
Remote Monitoring of Forward Power, Reverse Power and Load VSWR.

    • Optimal Accuracy
    • Multi-Octave Solution within ± 5% of Customer Lab Standard, Across a Full 40 dB Dynamic Range.
    • Up to 10 specific frequency points which will provide accuracy within ± 1% of Customer Lab Standard.
    • No On-Site Calibration Required.
    • Each Power Meter calibration is completed internally, allowing the operator to simply enter an RF frequency for optimal accuracy.
    • Traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

We are High Power

Founded in 1965, Werlatone®, Inc. is a leading supplier of high power, broadband passive RF components to include, RF Directional Couplers and RF Combiners & RF Dividers to customers worldwide.

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