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RF and Microwave Components

HD Communications is proud to offer you the finest
RF Components available.

RF & Microwave Components

With over 50 years of RF & Microwave experience, HD Communications is proud to offer you the finest RF components available.
We inventory many of the products we sell, so orders can be shipped quickly.

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Low Noise Amplifier

MPL LNA's in other frequency ranges, noise figures and gain levels are available. Frequency ranges from: .01 MHz - 1,000 MHz, 1-3 GHz, 3-20 GHz, 18-40 GHz

DC Coupled Amplifier

We offer more frequency ranges, different power output ranges and gain levels.

Low, Medium & High Power Amplifiers

We offer other frequency ranges, different power and other gain levels. Check our Low Power Amplifiers and Medium Power Amplifiers availability. On our High Power Amplifiers line you can find High Performance and Multi Octave type of amplifiers.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA)

For In-Building and Tunnel Communication Systems
These are customized products, based on your specifications.

  • VHF Bi-directional Amplifiers
  • UHF Bi-directional Amplifier
  • Distributed Antenna System
  • In-building Wireless Solution
  • In-building Communications

Base Station Amp


FM Broadcast Amplifiers Pallet

VHF Pallet Amplifiers

With over 50 years of RF/Microwave experience, HD Communications offers the finest R/F components in the current market

HD Communications Corp. offers Professional Products & Services.

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